Friday, January 11, 2008

Mortgage Companies Suck! like thousands of other Americans last year I got behind in my mortgage payments. So...being a single mother of 3 with nowhere else to go I called the mortgage company and told them I had every intention of keeping my home and what were they going to do to make that happen! Well...they made me make 4 consecutive payments on time, the payments were higher than my original mortage payment. I did that...they readjusted my loan...SUCCESS! At least that's what I thought until I checked my account this morning and saw that instead of taking out my first payment on the 1st of March as agreed, they took out the payment today! I am now overdrawn 611.00 which means my paycheck next week will go solely to the bank. I called them to let them know what happened...and oh yea by the way how am I going to feed my family next week? They very politely told me that it was not their mistake and that I probably wouldn't get my money back.

I had big plans this it looks like we will be stuck in this house. Oh least my cable is on and I do have enough food to last this weekend.

2 weeks until my next paycheck...Lord help us!!